RHEL7 RHCSA Configuring Remote Mounts and FTP

1 – Configuring Remote Mounts and FTP
2 – Mounting NFS Shares
3 – NFS server.
4 – NFS network file systems
5 – Understanding NFS Security Options
6 – Default NFS Security Options
7 – Understanding Kerberos Requirements
8 – RHEL 7 NFS Support
9 – Mounting the NFS Share
10- Mounting an NFS Share
11- Mounting SMB File Systems
12- Discovering SMB Shares
13- smbclient -L
14- Listing Samba Shares with net share
15- Mounting SMB Shares
16- Authenticating to SMB Shares
17- Discovering and Mounting SMB Shares
18- Accessing Samba Shares Through the Graphical Interface
19- Entering Samba user credentials.
20- Mounting Remote File Systems Through fstab
21- Mounting NFS Shares Through fstab
22- Example of a Credentials File
23- Using Automount to Mount Remote File Systems
24- Understanding Automount
25- Configuring Automount for NFS
26- Configuring Direct and Indirect Maps to Mount NFS Shares
27- Using Wildcards in Automount
28- Using Automount to Mount SMB Shares
29- Configuring an FTP Server
30- Configuring an FTP Anonymous Drop Box
31- mount -t cifs -o guest
32- showmount -e

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 رابط الدورة


اعدادات NFS server



yum install nfs-utils libnfsidmap

systemctl enable rpcbind
systemctl enable nfs-server

systemctl start rpcbind
systemctl start nfs-server
systemctl start rpc-statd
systemctl start nfs-idmapd

mkdir /nfsfileshare
chmod 777 /nfsfileshare/

nano /etc/exports


/nfsfileshare *(rw,nohide,no_root_squash,fsid=0)
exportfs -r
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone public –add-service mountd
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone public –add-service rpc-bind
firewall-cmd –permanent –zone public –add-service nfs
firewall-cmd –reload